using good rules.  "Using good rules" means achieving (following) good rules to meet your goals. If you don't want to achieve the rules, it means igniting (wanting to achieve) the rules. If you don't know the rules, it means instructing (learning) the rules.  If there aren't any good rules to know, it means enacting (creating) good rules. The Rules-At-Work logo flowcharts this "using good rules" progression, from the top advancing clockwise: enact, instruct, ignite, achieve. more.logo.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
good rules.  A "good rule" is a rule that meets your goal.  If you want three apples, and you have one apple, "add two apples" is a good rule, but "add one apple" is not.  If you want green, and you have blue, "add yellow" is a good rule, but "add black" is not. More about company
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good rules are effective

rules.  Linguistically, a "rule" is an instruction.  For example: "add two" is a rule; but "two should be added" is not; "add yellow" is a rule; but "you have to add yellow" is not.  Rules can be terrific tools.  Like arithmetic, they prevent false thinking. They can be simple, powerful, practical, and easy to use.  Rules meet goals. They work. more. mathematics.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0
mission.  When you use (enact, instruct, ignite, and achieve) good rules, you meet your goals - every time.  When you don't use good rules, you don't meet your goals - every time.  That explains why you meet the goals you meet, and why you don't meet the goals you don't meet.  It's all about rules.  Showing you how to use good rules to meet your goals, and delivering good rules to meet your goals, is the Rules-At-Work mission. more.visionmission.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0
Why do you meet some goals, but not others? Rules. It's all about rules. When you use good rules, you meet your goals. It works every time. That's the GoodRulesWay™. Rules-At-Work's founder invented and developed this principle as the foundation of the mathematics of meeting goals: Rulematics™. Rulematics is just
as reliable as 1 + 1 = 2. 
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When you use good rules,

you meet your goals.