his unique concept.  "I wanted to create a goal-meeting method that would meet every business goal and outperform every other method every time. So I took my rules expertise (when you use good rules, you meet your goals) to the discipline of perfect certainty: pure mathematics. I applied pure mathematics to the language and science of how people meet goals, and I call the resulting method Rulematics™. 
It really does work every time." 
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good rules are smart

inventions.  Rick uses his clever and practical business method inventions to help you meet your goals.  The Interulex™ (integrated rule-generating matrix) makes all your rules cooperate, from mission statement to meeting agenda. The Intagreemex™ (integrated agreement-generating matrix) helps you rethink and resolve conflicts. More on inventions.in-depth.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
rules background.  As a civil jury trial lawyer, Rick saw that when people follow the rules, justice happens; and when they don't, it doesn't happen.  Rick founded Rules-At-Work to use his expertise to help people and organizations exploit this key, ultra-reliable principle: When you use good rules, you meet your goals. 
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achievements.   Rick earned academic honors with each graduation, practiced law for nine years, taught law for three, and has been consulting for eight.  He's mediated cases, won commercial jury trials, judged at law schools, and studied in linguistics, logic, mathematics, memetics (evolution of behavior), rules, and goals. More on the founder.
Rick Favaloro, the "Good Rules Guy" (and "Rules Doctor") used his rules background, achievements, and inventions to found Rules-At-Work. His unique concept really works. And as his results show,
 he really does help his clients meet their goals.concept.htmlrulesconsulting.htmlrulesconsulting.htmlrulesconsulting.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0shapeimage_21_link_1shapeimage_21_link_2shapeimage_21_link_3

When you use good rules,

you meet your goals.

The Good Rules Guy: 
Rotarian in the Spotlighthttp://www.go-webster.com/picts/Newsletter%20Archive/WGSAC_Newsltr_May08.pdf