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  When you use good rules, you meet your goals.

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1.1.09    Welcome to the goodrulesblog!

1.2.09    New Year's Resolutions are Rules.

1.3.09    In the Good Rules Way, what are "rules"?

1.4.09    In the Good Rules Way, what are "good rules"?

1.5.09    What we know, with absolute certainty, about goals and rules.

1.6.09    In the Good Rules Way, what does "use" good rules mean?

1.7.09    The Good Rules Way: a closer look: mathematics.

1.8.09    In the Good Rules Way, what does "you" mean?

1.9.09    In the Good Rules Way, what are "goals"?

1.10.09    In the Good Rules Way, what are "your goals"?

1.11.09    In the Good Rules Way, what does "when" mean?

1.12.09    In the Good Rules Way, what does "meet" your goals mean?

1.13.09    The Good Rules Way in action: your daily rule book.

1.14.09    The Good Rules Way: Leadership. It may inspire you!

1.15.09    The Good Rules Way: Your Leadership Rule Book.

1.16.09    Language rules: semantics, syntax, phonetics.

1.17.09    Planet Earth rules: it enacts, instructs, ignites, achieves.

1.18.09    Your body rules: it instructs you; it achieves rules all by itself.

1.19.09    Your vision rules: blue sky instructs eyes; eyes instruct you.

1.20.09    The Good Rules Consultant: a closer look.

1.21.09    The Good Rules Way: Teamwork: choose team goals.

1.22.09    The Good Rules Way: Teamwork: use good rules.

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© 2009 Rick Favaloro, J.D., The Good Rules Consultant™

You live in language.

You live in rules.

The better you live in rules,

the better you live.

-- 1.16.09

In the Good Rules Way,

"your goals"


any goals you choose

-- any goals.

-- 1.10.09



use good rules


( enact good rules

instruct good rules

ignite good rules

achieve good rules )




your goals

-- every time.

-- 1.6.09

  When you use good rules, you meet your goals.