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good rules are flexible


Meeting goals is all about rules.  

Rules and goals work like directions and driving.  When you use good directions, you get where you want to go.  Every time. When you don't use good directions, you get lost.  

When you use good rules, you meet your goals. Every time. When you don't use good rules, you don't meet your goals -- you fail.  

It's all about rules.  moreconcept.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0

Rick Favaloro, commercial trial lawyer, Management Consultant, and Rules Consultant, uncovered and developed the principle that when you use good rules, you meet your goals.  

Rick brings art, linguistics, mathematics, music, law, psychology, and his own business method inventions to help you use good rules to meet your business goals.

He can help you, and your business or organization, work better.  morefounder.htmlwelcome.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0
Rules-At-Work provides five services:  1. Speaking presents enjoyable interactive inspiration that enlightens you on the beauty, power, and flexibility of how good rules meet goals. 2. Publishing delivers this web site, a blog, rule books, articles, and more. 3. Facilitating powers teamwork, brainstorming, planning, meetings, retreats, and motivation. 4. Rules consulting produces good rules in mission statements, business plans, by-laws, procedures, agendas, executive coaching, training, and disputes. 5. Peace consulting immunizes you from conflict. All five Rules-At-Work services are expertly designed, meticulously developed, and always reliable. More about

When you use good rules,

you meet your goals.